Demystifying the world of insurance

Ageas wants to make the world of insurance as simple as possible. And we recognise that we have a role to play in making this happen through clear communications. With this in mind, Ageas launched a twice weekly series of live educational radio broadcasts on ‘Rádio Renascença’, a Portuguese radio station which enjoys a strong national following in Portugal. The broadcasts reached 1,113,320 listeners over 12 weeks.

Demystifying the world of insurance

This series branded ‘Play safe’, used five Ageas experts to explain in a simple way a number of insurance related topics:

  • What is covered by a travel insurance? 
  • How to choose the best option for your home insurance? 
  • Do health products include coverage for severe illnesses?
  • Which savings options are to be considered these days? 
  • Etc.

Using practical examples and familiar situations, our experts were able to clarify those elements of insurance listeners found most confusing, responding to questions raised by the listeners. 

Through ‘Play safe’ we aimed at improving insurance literacy among the general public, helping people to make more informed choices in protecting their future.