Etiqa helps make clean water a reality for villages in Malaysia

Water is an incredibly valuable resource, but it is one that is often easy to take for granted. In some underprivileged communities in Malaysia, the physical location, and the impact of natural recurring events like drought, make water a scarce resource. Among other things that has serious health implications for the residents of these communities.

Etiqa helps make clean water a reality for villages in Malaysia

Thanks to Etiqa Care’s Clean water projects in collaboration with Islamic Aid Malaysia (IAM), more than 6,800 residents of ten local villages will enjoy uninterrupted access to clean water daily. The Clean water project is all about improving the quality of life of the impacted communities, but also about ensuring a sustainable and healthy life for residents.

One of our proudest achievements: the Kg. Padang Bukit project

One of the projects focused on the village Kg. Padang Bukit on the east coast of Malaysia. Clean water infiltration systems needed to be installed, ensuring that each house receives water directly into their homes. 

This was very much a hands-on physical project involving the villagers themselves alongside Etiqa’s own volunteers from management, staff and IAM representatives. Together with the local residents, this committed group of volunteers managed to deliver the seemingly impossible, completing the project in just two months. 

But this was no easy challenge. The volunteers faced significant logistical challenges due to the fact that the water dam is located 2km up on a hill with no road access. All materials like sand, cement, and plywood must be physically taken to the site on foot, involving a walk of more than 3 hours. But the outcome was worth every single step and every man hour of hard work.

Providing sustainable clean water solutions

The impact of the Clean water projects go beyond supplying the homes with clean water, the benefits impact the wider company including local schools, mosques, and community centres. And based on learnings from each village, the technology and know-how can be translated to other communities in need, ensuring we expand accessibility to clean water for many more. Once the projects are completed, the local communities take control themselves establishing processes that allow them to maintain and facilitate water issues in the village.  

Etiqa Cares is a social responsibility effort by Etiqa for underprivileged communities across Malaysia. Etiqa Cares aims to serve the society in improving lives and uplifting the community socially and economically.