“Hope” is a small word but with BIG consequences if removed from the human spirit. It instinctively propels us forward with a sense of optimism. It gives meaning to life and is the basis for the goals we set ourselves throughout our lives. And never did we need hope more than in 2020. 


This was the year that the world felt smaller, uniting against a common foe – COVID-19. Borders seemed to disappear as we tracked the experience of others and tried to learn. People united, local communities got stronger, and the vulnerability of man was there to see. For many this tragically translated to the loss of loved ones, for others the loss of a livelihood as economies crashed. Dreams were shattered or put on hold. The things we took for granted were taken away.

But we also got to experience a very different way of working – and for many it was better. We got to know our kids and took on the role of teachers. We found new and often better ways to do things. And unexpected heroes emerged across society inspiring and motivating all of us by acts of spontaneous kindness. 

We recognised (many of us for the first time), that we are not necessarily in control of our destiny, relying on others to get us through – governments, business leaders, employers, and importantly healthcare professionals.     

By working together and harnessing that sense of community and responsibility, the future looks hopeful rather than hopeless. Long term sustainability efforts have been given a boost as we recognise more than ever our responsibility to do things right and do them well. We know what is at stake in the world. And we know that worst case scenarios can indeed happen.   

But ultimately people got us through the past year. 2020 was about super-human efforts. So, from Ageas to all the unsung heroes out there around the world, Thank YOU for being a Supporter of OUR Lives.