Making culture accessible for all

Ageas has built a strong reputation as a major supporter of culture and arts in Portugal believing that it is important to expose as many people as possible to the kind of emotional experiences that theatre and music can provide. But more than that it is trying through a variety of initiatives to make culture accessible for all. 

Making culture accessible for all

Bringing theatre to every corner of the country

In collaboration with the National Theater D. Maria II, Ageas created the project "Rede Eunice Ageas" (the choice of the name “Eunice” is an homage to Eunice Munoz, one of the most cherished Portuguese actresses of all time). Ageas is a longstanding partner of the theatre, one of the main national theatres in Portugal. Through this partnership Ageas wants to bring the magic of theatre to the small cities and villages spread across Portugal. Plays that are generally only seen on the big stages are brought to smaller local locations helping to democratise access to Culture.

The show must go on

COVID-19 of course impacted the world of theatre in a major way and it was important that we maintained our support for the cultural sector. We supported our partners in offering online theatre sessions and music concerts in a virtual setting. This was greatly appreciated at a time when access to culture and entertainment was so severely curtailed. 

Revelation of the year

2020 also saw the final of the ‘Revelation Award Ageas National Theater D. Maria II’ focused on finding a young actor or actress who stands out. The goal is to recognise and promote emerging talents in the theatre scene in order to motivate young people to develop a professional career in this area. The winner was Sara Barros Leitão, a young actress who plays an important role in Portuguese culture as an actress, creator, and stage director.