Service with a “Smile” in Malaysia

Etiqa in Malaysia launched the Smile App in order to connect with its customers and the public through a single engagement platform. Users really do have every reason to smile as this innovative App makes their life easier. The App has attracted more than 74,000 customers and 1700+ active users daily in 2020, and received many 5* reviews on Google Play and the App Store.

Service with a “Smile” in Malaysia

Making life easier for the customer

The Smile App contains several modules delivering a smooth customer experience;  

  • The Claims module facilitates a fast and easy claims experience. Customers are kept up to date on the status of their claim in real time throughout the claims journey. And in 2020, Etiqa added Flight Delay claims and Hospital Allowance claims, which already reports high satisfaction levels. Medical and Death claims are to follow soon. 
  • Among the benefits of the Healthcare module, a built-in facility allows customers to request an Outpatient Guarantee Letter* via the App within 45 minutes. Customers can also locate panel hospitals and clinics for medical Life insurance check-ups through the module. 
  • By offering a Wellness module, Etiqa aims to be the preferred Digital Wellness provider for Corporate clients. Through the module, the client’s staff can improve their fitness levels leveraging a variety of fitness wearables linked to the App and participate in a Steps Challenge on a real-time basis, helping create a fitness community. 
  • The “Me” module allows customers to view their own personal policies through Etiqa.

*Assurance of payment offered by insurers for hospital bills, avoiding upfront payment by the patient

And there is still more to smile about in the future…

There are further plans to roll out this product in the coming months, including a pilot Telehealth service in conjunction with pharmacies offering virtual doctor appointments with digital prescriptions and home delivery of medication.