Staying connected was never more important

While in the past year it felt at times like the world had stopped rotating, the reality was somewhat different. Life was still going on, even in a different way, and we had employees, partners and customers relying on us. As a business we knew that we needed to stay focused also on business as usual to serve our customers when they needed us most.

Staying connected was never more important

We continued to work hard on delivering our Connect21 strategy. We continued to look to the horizon at what we might expect in the future, with new insights to future-proofing our business and our customers through the launch of new products and services. And we went further than this, stepping out beyond our core activities to support our stakeholders through hugely challenging times. 

Our people went above and beyond, even though they faced their own personal and professional challenges. They put our stakeholders first in so many ways.  

We have selected in this report just a few examples to share of the countless accomplishments and initiatives we have been proud of in 2020. From our support during COVID-19 times and our progress in sustainability, to the development of digital solutions and the introduction of new partnerships and more… we have tried to provide a glimpse into a global effort that made such a difference. Initiatives that also illustrate our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals which continue to be an inspirational framework for our business.

I am proud that our people showed such resilience, determination, spirit, and solidarity. They showed they cared. We have shared in the pain felt by so many, but also in the small nuggets of joy and hope we saw every day. We hope that this year mankind will reclaim its future. That future is ours to protect.  

Stay safe, stay connected!

Hans De Cuyper

CEO Ageas

Hans De Cuyper, CEO Ageas

Throughout this Annual Report, we have selected just a few examples to share 

of the countless accomplishments and initiatives we have been proud of in 2020.

Hans De Cuyper, CEO Ageas

Discover our Connecting Stories :

Digital innovations improving the customer experience

In every aspect of our life, technology sits front and centre. Ageas is investing around the world in different aspects of digitalisation to help create a great customer experience, to improve operational efficiency and the quality of work for our employees. At a time when the focus is on speed, convenience, and efficiency, technology is an important enabler. Here are just a few recent examples of what we have been doing in this area.

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New partnerships adding value to the customer

Partnerships have always been part of Ageas’s DNA. The world is changing, and Ageas is today looking towards new partnerships and ecosystems that allow us to engage beyond the traditional parameters of insurance to add even more value to the customer. Here are just a few examples.

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Sustainability at the heart of our business

Today’s world is not just focused on what you do as a business but also on how you do it. As a business we have a responsibility towards broader society, and this means a strong commitment to sustainability and to doing things in a socially responsible way. Ageas is committed to the creation of shared value alongside economic value. This was further reinforced by our support for the UN Sustainable Development Goals and it is the reason why we adhere to international methodologies and frameworks. Here we share how in 2020 we have been continuing to strengthen our foundations towards a strong ESG approach.

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Working towards making insurance inclusive

Ageas believes in the concept of inclusive insurance from every aspect, starting with our own organisation. For customers we seek to make insurance products available to different segments of society that may historically feel alienated or excluded from mainstream insurance products. Read about some of the initiatives we have been working on here. 

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Responding to the challenge of COVID-19

The global pandemic challenged the world and it impacted the lives and the livelihoods of millions of people. As a supporter of the lives of our stakeholders, this was the moment of truth. We responded in a number of different ways and here we share just a snapshot of some of the initiatives we rolled out in 2020 to help those most impacted.

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Think2030: connecting to the future

One thing for sure: the future will look quite different by 2030. It is also our motivation for keeping one eye on the horizon while the other is firmly focused on today. Understanding the “what if’s and starting to prepare for those trends most likely to evolve, allows us to be future proof and to help prepare our customers for what could lie ahead. Learn more about how we envision the future in 2030.

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Paying attention to health and wellbeing

Prevention and taking care of people’s health and wellbeing is a key component in Ageas’s strategic choices. It has driven a number of initiatives in the health space, including some of the examples we share here. 

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Allowing our people to grow and thrive

Ageas believes that a business’s greatest asset is its employees. That means caring for our people in their professional and personal lives. This takes many forms, and it is underpinned by our values of CARE, SHARE, DELIVER and DARE, which unite us around the world. Here are just a few of the things we have been doing the past year.

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Engaging in the future of mobility

Ageas is engaging in new technologies, new partnerships, and new innovations to ensure it is at the heart of the mobility revolution that will change the way we move and ensure a positive impact on the environment. Here is a glimpse of some of the things we have been doing in 2020. 

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Promoting culture and financial literacy

Ageas commits towards serving the local communities in which we operate. We engaged in a number of different initiatives designed to improve levels of financial literacy and to support the arts and cultural scene.

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