Supporting health and well-being during COVID-19 times

Over the past 12 months Ageas did what it could to put a smile on people’s faces despite the difficult conditions. It proved that sometimes even the smallest acts of kindness can have the greatest results. It is about reaching out and showing heart. It is about letting people know you are there. In different ways we tried to keep the confined worlds of our customers/society more enjoyable. To keep people moving, connecting, - and yes - smiling.

Supporting health and well-being during COVID-19 times

“Adopt a grandparent” in Portugal

In Portugal we started a simple initiative to connect a group of willing volunteers with elderly people, many of whom felt isolated. 60 volunteers committed to having a daily 30-minute conversation with an elderly person. That equates to 60 grandparents enjoying altogether 350 hours of conversation! A little chat that for many was the highlight of their day.

Ensuring access to a medical team whenever thanks to telemedicine

A new telemedicine service for Médis customers in Portugal and all employees was launched allowing customers to have an appointment with a doctor via video, send examinations or receive prescriptions, in real time. The service is available 24h/day through the Médis app, from wherever. Also, thanks to a partnership with a Pharmaceutical provider, medicines could be delivered at home.

Ageas says “we haven’t forgotten you” through Amazon vouchers

Ageas UK sent Amazon book vouchers to ‘direct’ customers over the age of 70, who had to self-isolate for 12 weeks during the UK nationwide lockdown. The same was offered to health & social care workers.

Bringing a smile to the faces of children

Let’s not forget that children can feel the burden of loneliness too. Ageas UK recognised that with more hours to fill at home, a little bit of help might go a long way. Ageas provided content to keep those at home with young children occupied. For instance, sending them seeds to grow plants.

Free webinars offered by AG Health Partner

In 2020, AG’s daughter Health Partner launched a brand-new digital platform where employees of client companies can register for well-at-work programmes, participate in challenges, and be screened and made aware of their current mental, physical, and social wellbeing. Building on its expert network and expertise, AG Health Partner also organised free webinars during the spring lockdown period. Experts and coaches addressed different topics related to mental, physical & social well-being particularly put to the test by lockdown rules. With some 4,436 registrations from 341 employers, and a recommendation score of 92%, this was a welcomed initiative.

Employees sing “let’s smile at the sun” in special music video

We all need a reason to smile and get up and go. Employees in Portugal took up that challenge, recording a music video designed to boost energy, while raising awareness of the importance of staying at home. The aptly named song “Let’s smile at the sun” provided quite a pick me up for those who watched it.

Tens of thousands participate in IDBI virtual marathons

IDBI Federal Life Insurance (now Ageas Federal Life Insurance), has been actively encouraging people to lead a healthy and fit life. During the ongoing pandemic, while on-the-ground marathons were not possible, IDBI continued to motivate people to stay active, fit, and positive to overcome any challenges. During the initial few months of lockdown, fitness experts conducted daily workouts through the company’s social media platforms. When the situation improved, a series of virtual marathons were organised which allowed people to run in any place convenient to them. The ‘Run to the Moon’ event (14,000 runners) raised money for needy coaches and support staff in the field of sports. The ‘IDBI Federal Future Fearless Marathon’, and the ‘#FutureFearless Champions Challenge’ saw close to 12,500 and 15,000 participants respectively.