WhatsApp enables a conversational tool for customers in Turkey

When clients of Aksigorta in Turkey want to know about the status of a claim, they look no further than Claimschat, a new automated WhatsApp group set up for customers who report non-auto damage. It makes sure that customers are never in the dark about the status of a claim, and therefore more in control. 

WhatsApp enables a conversational tool for customers in Turkey

Customers can follow their claims file in real time through a live chat that includes all parties: from the call centre agent to the claim’s handler and even loss adjuster. So, whether it is damage caused by fire, internal water damage, robbery, electronic device malfunctions or something else, every key stage is captured through the WhatsApp group where progress reports are available and filed. 

When customers ask what’s up?

As the most widely used communication platform in Turkey WhatsApp was an obvious channel to incorporate into the omnichannel experience. The aim was to create a conversational insurance experience building on the success and capabilities of the Aksigorta Digital Assistant (affectionately known as ADA) which takes advantage of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technologies to chat with customers. In its first year, Claimschat captured on average 1,000 non-motor claim files per month achieving a 4.2/5 customer satisfaction rating. File completion times were reduced by 30%, and 50% of non-motor claims were handled by the WhatsApp group. This proves the growing confidence consumers have in different digital channels and their desire to use WhatsApp as their channel of choice.

What else?

Aksigorta is also the first insurance company in Turkey to launch a WhatsApp Business account which again builds on ADA providing file updates without a time limit on access. Basic requests are handled by Chatbot and more complex ones are transferred to the call centre without any loss of connection. The programme handled some 3,000 queries per month in 2020.  

Another first in the market this year was the WhatsApp push notification. Regardless of whether it is auto or non-auto damage, the application sends out automatic notifications to customers as soon as their damage file status changes. The initial phase focuses on auto claims and this will overtime be expanded to non-auto damages.