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The 2020 year results in a nutshell

CEO Hans De Cuyper reflects on Ageas’s 2020 results.

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Delivering on our targets

As part of Connect21 we set out clear financial targets. Here is a quick reminder of what those targets are, and importantly how Ageas has delivered against them in 2020.

Reimagining the future

In this year’s annual message to the stakeholders, newly appointed Hans De Cuyper, CEO Ageas and Bart De Smet, Chairman Ageas reflect on the highlights of the year 2020.

The 20 key moments of 2020 for Ageas

In what was an extraordinary year for Ageas marked by the need for us to show resilience but also commitment and determination to deliver on our promises, we share here some of the key highlights of the year.

At a glance: 5-year evolution of our performance

Look back at how Ageas has delivered a consistently strong performance over the past 5 years against a range of key performance indicators.

Strengthening our core

A focus on how Ageas steered through a tough year and prepared itself for the future with an emphasis on managing risk, strengthening the leadership team, and new initiatives around reinsurance, technology, and changes in the workplace.

Staying connected was never more important

While in the past year it felt at times like the world had stopped rotating, the reality was somewhat different. Life was still going on, even in a different way, and we had employees, partners and customers relying on us. As a business we knew that we needed to stay focused also on business as usual.

Sustainability at the heart of our business

As a business we have a responsibility towards broader society. This drives a strong commitment to sustainability and to doing things in a socially responsible way. Check out what we have been doing to strengthen our approach.

Responding to the challenge of COVID-19

COVID-19 challenged the world, impacting the lives and livelihoods of millions of people. As a supporter of the lives of our stakeholders, this was the moment of truth. Here we proudly share a snapshot of the initiatives undertaken.

Allowing our people to grow and thrive

Our employees are our greatest asset. We have a duty of care in their professional and personal lives helped by our values of Care, Share, Deliver and Dare. These unite us as a Group. Here are a few of the things we have been doing for our employees.