Aksigorta and Vodafone create first Telcosurance ecosystem partnership in Turkey

The future of insurance is about being open to the creation of new unconventional partnerships that can bring added value to customers and service providers. In today’s world, access to data is increasingly important, particularly when it allows companies like Aksigorta to gain a more critical insight and understanding of the customer journey. This new partnership does just that. 

Aksigorta and Vodafone create first Telcosurance ecosystem partnership in Turkey

When Aksigorta and Vodafone, Turkey’s 2nd largest telecommunications company with 23 million clients, joined forces to create this new partnership it was also in line with both companies’ strategies towards growth. For Vodafone this was an opportunity to enter a new business sector, expanding its scope as the prime insurance provider in telco and for Aksigorta this new touchpoint with potential clients brings a competitive advantage.

It is about reaching the right customers at the right time with the right product

Vodafone generates leads for Aksigorta, introducing new business through its channels. It has Aksigorta products available on its shelf digitally (+16 million users), as well as through its call centre. The two partners also engage in joint marketing initiatives such as specific incentives to clients of Aksigorta e.g., free 5G internet.  

In the next phase, existing and newly designed insurance products will also be integrated into Vodafone’s own services palette as a standalone offer. And bundle setups are also being designed, combining an insurance offering with existing telecom tariffs and internet packages for the home or workplace. 

Telcoassurance opens new doors

Through this collaboration we aim to make insurance products easily accessible for many through a digital platform. It also allows customers and potential clients to benefit from specific value propositions and incentives. This new distribution channel provides Aksigorta with data that will improve its knowledge of the customer journey. It is expected to grow to the current size of bancassurance in the long term.