Beyond the world of insurance to make life easier for customers in Portugal

A new platform was launched in Portugal linking customers with about 14,000 service providers representing 800 different services. Launched through a new website, ‘Mundo Ageas’ is a free of charge platform putting customers into direct contact with providers when they need essential services the most.

Beyond the world of insurance to make life easier for customers in Portugal

From plumbing and yoga courses to music lessons over psychotherapy sessions… Mundo Ageas suggests a diverse range of service providers from which to compare and choose.

For the providers themselves, the platform offers an opportunity to promote their services directly to customers. For Ageas, it’s about making life easier for people and at the same time using this as a way to improve brand awareness and Ageas’s proximity to customers. While we are stepping beyond conventional insurance, success is not measured by the number of policies sold. It is the number of service quotes providers send to customers which provides important validation for this service. In the first 12 months Mundo Ageas recorded:

  • more than 850,000 visitors
  • 27,000 registered users
  • 2,500 new subscribed providers
  • 24,000 service requests 
  • Around 17,000 service quotes from providers

The platform continues to evolve with new functionalities being added: 

  • A Mundo Ageas blog bringing interesting content inspired by the different services available on the website, allowing Ageas to become even closer and more relevant in the lives of the customers;
  • A gamification system in which clients and providers earn points that can be redeemed for a wide range of rewards;
  • A social component whereby points can be converted into a contribution to institutions that are supported by the Ageas Foundation.

Life has never been easier.