Etiqa and Singtel collaborate to create Dash EasyEarn

Etiqa has always valued partnerships. Joining forces with the right companies can save time and resources, increase reach, improve product time to market, and help accelerate the learning curve. So, when the opportunity arose for Etiqa in Singapore to collaborate with market leader Singtel, the benefits were clear. 

Etiqa and Singtel collaborate to create Dash EasyEarn

The best of two worlds for the customer

Etiqa collaborated with Singtel Dash, an all-in-one mobile wallet, to launch the insurance savings plan ‘Dash EasyEarn’. Consumers can earn higher returns while enjoying the flexibility of anytime top-ups and withdrawals with no lock-in period or penalty. And they can enjoy life protection benefits and a range of add-on lifestyle services. The emphasis is on flexibility, and never was this more important than during the pandemic with consumers facing so many economic uncertainties. The Dash EasyEarn App appeals to digital-savvy customers and is available to download on any mobile device.

The partnership between Singtel Dash and Etiqa brings the best capabilities of finance and technology together to shorten the time to market, allowing Dash to gain quicker access to the finance market and expand its mobile wallet services, whilst improving the overall digital customer experience in the long term. By combining resources and brand power, Etiqa and Singtel Dash are also able to reach new customer segments.

Better consumer insight, efficiency, and product relevance

The collaboration encourages a Fintech ecosystem that is mutually beneficial to stakeholders. Dash EasyEarn is an opportunity to shift the perception of insurance by demonstrating a convenient and simple way to purchase products through a mobile application. This is also a way of making the younger generation more open to the idea of getting protection early on, helping to narrow the protection gap. 

Through technology, deeper business insights help us to better understand the needs and habits of consumers, so that products and services of value to customers can be developed. This will lead to more innovative product offerings and competitiveness, and more efficient processes in the future. A win-win for everyone, starting with the customer.